Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm pissed

My hubby called me around lunchtime yesterday to inform me he was walking off of his job. He's a delivery driver, and he took a full van back to the warehouse, locked it up and left it there. There wasn't anyone there and he didn't stick around. Not that I blame him, really, they were really taking advantage of him. Still, his timing couldn't have been worse. We are finally getting all bills caught up, just in time for my paycheck to take a $250 hit (insurance premiums). He is going to have to find another job and quick, and/or I'm going to have to do something. I was thinking of a series of blogs about my various interests. I've hardly got this one off the ground, but it's time to get it together. Perhaps I can get a jumpstart by selling off some of the stuff that I have laying around that I've been meaning to get on an auction.

Prayers, encouragement and helpful advice are all welcome.