Friday, February 2, 2007


I'm sitting here completely clueless about what to write. I'm sure it will get easier the more I do it, but that's not much help right now. Well, I've titled this post "Introduction", so I guess that's what I should do, I should introduce myself. I graduated last May with my BA in Speech Communication (not to be confused with Mass Communication, which is related, but not the same). Not only did I graduate, I graduated with a 3.8 despite having taken massive courseloads, my final semester I took 24 credit hours and finished with straight As. I also worked as a tutor that semester. That was my heaviest semester, but don't think that it was the only difficult one. Whether I finished with my sanity intact could be open to debate.

For the past three years I have been married to who I (most of the time) believe is the most wonderful man on the face of the planet. Right now, I'm feeling his only fault. What is it? The past several months or so, he sleeps. Alot. Last Saturday, he took six hours worth of naps. I'm not exaggerating, I watched 8 hours of TiVo (minus commercials) while he slept. It's enough to leave me feeling a bit neglected, and I can't help dreading this weekend. Anyone know what I can do to help him not sleep so much (and spend more time with me)? He's on medication, which may or may not be causing or contributing to the problem, so I have to be careful about interactions. But we have a really good natural food store with a good selection of supplements.

Moving on. My mostly wonderful husband and I have five cats; Autumn, Brooke, Misty, Devon and Tyler. We got Autumn when we first got together. We needed a mouser and a friend was moving and needed a home for her cat. He desperately wanted to pick out a cat together, but I talked him into taking her. He really bonded with her, to this day she's "his" cat. He found Brooke in a box outside Walmart and brough her home, she was only a few weeks old. She became my baby. Autumn acted like she hated Brooke at first, but they are very close now. About a year later, Misty showed up on our doorstep looking very scrawny. Hubby started feeding her and we found her to be very affectionate. It wasn't until she weaseled her way into our home and hearts that we discovered she was pregnant. She had a litter of 5. We found homes for the two females and one male, and we kept the other two males. They look very much like one another, but Devon is about twice the size of Tyler. They are about eight months old, and I still need to get them fixed before they get Misty pregnant again (they've already been trying). And that's my family.

I work as a legal secretary for a personal injury/medical malpractice attorney at a smallish law firm. But you won't see my boss on any of those sleazy TV commercials. We only accept catastrophic injury cases. The people I work with are great, with the exception of one. Unfortunately, that one is the one I'm supposed to be working the closest with. My boss told us right from the time he hired me that he wants her and I to communicate constantly, but she has refused to speak so much as a hello to me in almost two weeks. I send emails every single day to let her know everything I've done for the day, and if I haven't made any mistakes that she can jump down my throat about, she ignores me. The other day when I emailed her, I said that I was probably the only person in the world who can consider the silent treatment a compliment. I don't think she liked that too well. My husband said that she will probably report my sarcasm to our boss, but she can't do that without admitting that I'm doing exactly what he wants, while she is outright ignoring my attempts.