Friday, April 6, 2007

I had my children broken on Tuesday

Okay, so my children are of the feline variety, and most people would say that I had them "fixed" not broken. A few years ago I heard a friend say that, if you take something that is intended work in a certain manner, and do something to cause it to no longer work in that manner, you've broken it, not fixed it. Still, it had to be done. They're doing well, though. Devon has been sleeping a lot. He's sleeping on my desk right now. Tyler isn't as eager to help hubby make coffee, but I think he's working his way back to his old routines.

Poor little guys had a traumatizing day all the way around. They were denied food and water all night (per instructions), locked in a crate together (a big one, they weren't cramped), taken on a long car ride (about 15 minutes) in a noisy car (my muffler's busted), major surgery, long car ride back home, and then left in the crate all afternoon (again, per instruction). I felt bad for them, but it really did need to be done.