Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cats and gardens do not mix

I live in an upstairs apartment, so my "garden" consists of a few potted herbs. It also included a windowbox with romaine lettuce, but the cats have pretty much chewed that down to nothing. My husband has been wanting me to put the herbs in a sunny window since they started coming up, but I was afraid that the cats would eat them before they had a chance to get established. I have heard that cats hate the smell of onion and garlic, so I figured I'd try it. My husband cut me a nice thick slice of onion, and I put half-rings of onion around the inside of the edge of the pot and put the pots in the window. Sure enough, the cats were curious, but not for long. My whole apartment smells like onion, but my cilantro hasn't been eaten!!

I've heard the same is true of oranges, but we didn't have any oranges. We did have an onion. I want to expand my garden and I'm thinking of using orange oil to spray down the outside of the pots. Stay tuned to find out how well that one works.

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