Thursday, March 29, 2007


Misty had kittens this week.  She had two on Monday, and we thought that was all there was going to be.  Then, last night she had two more, but one of them was stillborn, so there are three kittens now.  I already have a home for at least one of them.  I was talking to my neighbor and she said she has a mouse and wants a cat.  I invited her to come see them, and she wants one of them.  I'm hoping she'll decide she wants a couple of them.

My husband really surprised me.  When we noticed the stillborn one, he kept hoping that it might start breathing.  He asked me over and over if I was sure it wasn't going to miraculously start breathing.  Misty had tried, I saw her cleaning that one much more vigorously than any of the others, like she knew there was something wrong and she was trying to get him going.  Very sad.

The neighbor liked Devon, too.  My husband had talked about still wanting to find homes for him and Tyler, so I told her I would ask him if he was serious about that.  I didn't want to give him up, but would have if he was serious.  He wasn't.  He said he would feel guilty.  I was so glad to hear that.  Even if he doesn't feel the attachment to him that he feels with the other cats, he has come to see him as part of the family.

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